Tank breather

Does anyone know what those fancy petrol tank breather things are called, (the "valve caps" that replace the existing pipe) as i can't seem to find them to buy anywhere here in the u.k?

anyone? :banghead:

even the U.S/Europe will do, i don't mind the wait in postage times....

tried ebay too with no joy :banghead:

Googled it too, still with no luck :lol:

e-bay! Try searching for "Gas Tank Vent" "Gas Vent Line", etc... it will pop up. There are few guys there that are selling them regularly for $8.00 - $18.00 US. :banghead:

Good Luck :banghead:

Everybody does 'em - try Racespec, RideMX or OffRoadOnly for starters, they're all decent mail order firms.

One little tip for ya, don't cut the pipe too short or you'll leak petrol all over your tank when you brake hard/stoppie with more than half a tank of fuel :banghead:

Go to WH Smiths and get a copy of Trials & Motocross News (a proper newspaper) and check out the adverts, you'll find allsorts in there.

HTH :banghead:

Ahhhh! T&M!!!! silly me, i should've thought of that! I ain't bought a good ol "proper" offroad newspaper for ages, i've been glued to the MCN on a weekly basis and had forgotten about Trials & Motocross? thanks for that, i'll be havin a skeet as soon as i find one... ebay too (now i know what to look for!)

nice tip too, about the spillage :banghead:

thanks guys.. :banghead:

well? i've just spent 30 mins searching them sites, ebay too, but still no joy, i can't find them anywhere? Do you know what i'm on about guys? i've seen some mini-motos with a "trick" little cap on the end of their fuel tank breather pipes, like an Aluminium Piston or an 8 ball etc in lots of different colours...

hmmmm? Google takes me to anything petroleum oriented? from the fundamentals of petroleum deposits to the common causes of spontaneous combustion........ :banghead:

and i been smokin too much bad stuff to be bothered trawling through all that ........ :lol:

i'll keep trying tho.... :banghead:

that's them! thanks guys............. i've even found a supplier for a Flywheel puller too! sweet :banghead:

If its still giving you a problem, I have one in my garage you can buy from me for next to nothing. In black :banghead:

Remember to ditch the little ball bearing inside the breather, Your tank needs to breath both way's.

ok, thanks for that Taksx

Remember to ditch the little ball bearing inside the breather, Your tank needs to breath both way's.

Really? never heard of that before.... surely if it needs to breath both ways, you may as well just do away with the valve altogether and just run straight pipe?

They come from the factory with a directional valve (its got a little arrow on it) - why does it need to breath both ways?

Sorry for the questions, just curious... :banghead:

The valve is set to let air in and keep the gas in.....I'd leave the ball in :banghead:

Exactly what i was thinking. I thought the idea of the vlave was to allow air in but stop fuel leaking out...... :banghead:

I make you both right.... Although they're not perfect and do leak a wee bit, the idea I thought was to allow tank to draw air in as fuel level drops, but keep fuel in when the bike drops!! :banghead:

I have the IMS tank and from time to time i notice gas comming up the gas vent (bubbling up to the cap) I notice that my tank was starting to swell up too so i took it out and i haven't had any problems since. It was quite obvious to me that it needed to breath both way's. :banghead:

P.S This problem also happen when i started at 3000' and rode up to 8000'

you may have had a stuck ball...they arent supposed to work that way.

" Stuck Ball" ouch! sounds painful................ :banghead:

When the fuel starts getting hot (slow trails) it expands, therefore air needs out as well as in.....and yes, I've seen fuel boiling in the tank!

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