Will Honda Bring the 2005 FMX to the U.S.A

:banghead:www.infomotori.com This is where I saw Honda's new bike the 2005 FMX 650 will honda ever bring it to the U.S.A. I love it has anyone seen the new bike.

Lets hope not.

I agree....Honda could do so much more. At the Dealer convention in Las Vegas they promised really big and new things in the next 2 years.

TWO magazine did a comparison test of SM's, the DRZ, FMX, Apreilia Pegaso, YAmaha SM and they actually liked the FMX but couldn't figure out what to do with it, just knew they loved the SM's. The DRZ pulled for probably 3,000 more RPM than the FMX and didn't have much less peak HP.

The least they could have done with the bike is base it off of the XR650R. It's ridiculous that they've had the XR-R for 7 model years now (00-06) and still haven't made a street legal version in America. Given the number of XR650R SM conversions I've seen, I'd think it would do well.

On a side note, I'd rather they went to the trouble of importing the Transalp, or even better, bringing back the Africa Twin. A bike that goes 100K+ miles that costs far less than a BMW GS, now that I would buy.


transalp-type, but either with the 650R powerplant or go hog wild and put a twin [like aprilia] in with dualsport frame, etc and under 400 lbs!

I don't like it, but then I'm not a supermoto fan either

All it is a 650L with some plastic & wheel changes.

Buy a used XRL from some slow guy , put an Aloop kit on it with some wheels & brakes you'd be set for less $$$ and it would be your creation.


i'd give my left nut for a africa twin.

hey, have you guys ever seen this thread!!???: http://www.transalp.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=1033&start=50

anybody yearning for a big trip, big adventure bike but wants to ride a honda should read through the thread i posted above.

jeff, this guy who races ATVs in the GNCC series and the BITD series took a transalp and modded it with a bunch of africa twin and xr600 parts!!!! now he has a badass adventure bike!!!!

this photo says it all!

look really close, that's no normal transalp...


Yikes! Did a CRF450 have a head on crash with an old XL-600?

it makes you wonder if Honda ever hears the cries of what is really wanted by the riding public. There must be some heavily insulated top executives that sign off on these "creations", after being sold on the idea from some research types that just "know" it will sell! kinda like the failed NX series in the lates 80's early 90's, Honda replaced the long lived XL line up with the NX and sales fell flat. Hmmmm??? wonder why? there was not a market for it, simple as that. It had a very thin following and had it not been for the brillance and ingenuity of Scott Summers they would of died out altogether and just simply have dissappeared. Scott stuffed one NX650 motor in the XR600 frame and wa-la! today's XR650L (sorta). Honda simply refuses to listen to the riders and wants / desires. They go with what is trendy and what sells and makes a buck. Simplistic business ethic. The motorcycle division of Honda has the potential and could go on and become much bigger than it is and develop bikes that would sell like aspirin at income tax time. As an example, the XR650R - simply offer two versions one that is a DS and one for racing and I don't mean cosmetic BNG and lights. The street version would be the same engine - geared for the street - comprimises would have to be made - smart ones. Build a bike for everyone from the casual weekend cowtrailer to the Expert Motocrosser.

How about street bikes? don't get me started on them...

yes... I have been a product manager for years in high tech. companies quickly develop a culture around just this sort of issues. from my field are examples Motorola, Dell. Motorola's [and AMD for that matter] "product managers" are just a gopher extension of engineering. they don't do marketing specs on the basis of what the market actually needs/wants. they come up with an engineer's wet dream, then order the product managers to produce numbers that support the scale of the expenditure. that's how Motorola's "Power PC" line "overcame" Intel's Pentium line, right??? NOT. recent press releases from Apple: moving to Intel.......

Honda is terrific at some things. I could cite several examples but too lazy to type. either on purpose or accidentally, they hit a homerun with GoldWing, ST, Shadow.... .jury still out on others. CERTAINLY the XR650R is a hit in some respects, though I don't know what the niche size is for huge displacement dirt racing bikes. do you? But that's to the point also: they gave the desert/stretch racing community something that is simple and elegant and potent. how can you improve on that at this time?

So, some parts of their product-decision process work bigtime.

How they are missing the intersection of Trail/Street I do not know. to them a parts-bin bike in this category would be a hit. just scrap the L and replace with a lighted and tagged "R". Take a nighthawk or other lean sportbike powerplant and build a modern D/S twin/Vv-twin out of it. the capability for them is a chipshot


All it is a 650L with some plastic & wheel changes.

Buy a used XRL from some slow guy , put an Aloop kit on it with some wheels & brakes you'd be set for less $$$ and it would be your creation.


i see inverted forks! there are many differances between that piece of shit and the 650l.....the only thing thats the same is the engine i think.

Here are some pics I took of the FMX a couple weeks ago when I was in Germany...not all that impressed...




more pics are posted over on bay area riders forum in the photo section.


There's godft to be more going on than meets the eye with Honda getting moldy. I'm not an expert with Japanese companies, but I suspect that Honda's motorcyle budget just isn't that big, as North America is no longer their biggest market. In fact, North America only accounts for 3% of the world's motorcyle market, whereas Asia and China account for 81%!! So it's hard to justify spending a lot of money designing what WE want, when we are such a small part of this global company's market. I imagine the demand in Asia/China is much different than here - less emphasis on looks, specialty products, more emphasis on commuter vehicles. But if this is the case, the motorcycle division for North America and Europe is probably handed a really small budget to work with.

I'm also wondering about lag time with development. It's easy for us to picture what we want, and we wonder why those bikes aren't right here right now. But I imagine that it takes a while for that information to find it's way up the corporate ladder, then get translated into a bike (that is, if they ARE listening).

This all makes me wonder if we North Americans really could build a better bike that everyone wants - we have such a massive automotive industry with excess capacity, and we also have many smaller companies making parts for bikes. Can't we just play mix'n match with parts to come up with a few great bikes? Sure, it'll cost more.....

Oh, sorry for not referencing my statistics above. I do have them written down in a spreadsheet, but I can't remember where I got them from. It was either from an annual report or from an industry journal.

Honda knows they have gotten way behind the power curve as far as new model development. Read the interview of the president of Yamaha in Cycle news last week and you will see they have done just the opposite and are elated at the results. . Yamaha sales are up 14% and Hondas is down something like 4% by units. Honda as a company is a heck of a machine, they will be back. It is just a shame it is taking them about 3 years. Again, at the dealer convention in Las vegas this eyar, Ray Blank promised big things in the way of new models to come in the next 2 years. Should be something special. They will not tolerate losing market share and we should be the benefactors with new models, hopefully a new motard and one based on either a 650R engine or a CRF450 / CRF600 engine.

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