Should I give up my Big Gun Race exhaust

This is just thinking outloud but I'd love some input...I have a big gun that is holding up supurb with out problems since Jan 2001, but it is race core and loud if I ever get it onto the street. (still jumping hurdles) I hear people talking about all the other brands out there but never paid much attention due to being happy with a functioning exhaust. But I think I'd like to look into an exhaust that performs better than Big Gun Race primarly and if it happens to be quiter (which I couldn't imagine one being louder) then it'd be a plus.

What is the general concensus in better performering exhaust?



I think you'll get more bang for the buck from a $150 cam than you'll get from changing your current exhaust. If you need a quieter system, I can understand that, but I wouldn't expect an earthshattering change in performance from a new pipe, although you'll likely get some low to mid range performance back with a smaller header if you go that route.

I have the big gun race series, I later bought the quiet core that slides in it. It takes is down a few notches in sound. I have entered some races and it only would pass with the quiet core in, it is still at around 98 db with the quiet core. I agree with quadsan, I don't think a different pipe is going to get any more power for you. I have never had the balls to get a hot cam, but I hear it is the way to go to maximize your HP the pig makes.

Thanks...I'll keep what I have and if sound turns out to cause trouble I will look into the quite core!

I'll keep the cam in mind...I'll have to do some research on reliability changes with a stage 1 cam and such.

If you want a quiet core i have one you can have you pay the shipping, 5/10 bucks I'm guessing

Yeah.....just get a quiet core.....there pretty much just restricts exhaust flow.....causing a loss in power, but it should quiet it down a ton.

Im going to back pedal here a bit...

Your worried about the sound on the street?

Have you not noticed the hundred million big inch Harleys running around with open exhaust?

I could understand wanting it quieter so you didnt loose you mind while you were riding it though...

Although crude, I do believe loud pipes save lives.

Maybe they can't see you, but they can hear you in their blindspot.

My xr650r, which I bought used, had a full Big Gun Race system on it. The damn thing was so loud that even after repacking it, I decided to put the "quiet tip" on it. The change messed up jetting significantly and the bike started burning way, way too rich and getting terrible gas mileage. 200 miles after I repacked it with the "Big Gun" kit, it had blown 80% of the packing out. I pulled the muffler off and measured it against the stock muffler. WIth minor modification, I was able to mate the Big Gun headers to the stock muffler (2" holesaw removed the baffle on the muffler, but not the spark arrestor). The bike sounds good (read: not deafeningly loud), and I think it breathes way better than the Big Gun quiet tip. ymmv

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