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just set up rear shock... a couple questions

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I recently put my stock shock spring back on since the bike had a 5.2 in it and atleast the 4.8 stocker would be closer to what I need. Anyways, I basically turned the 2 lock nut adjusters until the shock was compressed a little bit. I'm wondering if I'm setting my sag correct because then when I measured it, I had exactly 4 inches! I don't think I would get it right on the first try. I put the bike on the center stand with the back wheel up, measured to a certain point, and got 25 inches. Then stood on the bike and had my friend measure to the same point, and got 21 inches. Also, if say I want my suspension stiffer(I don't but just want to get this cleared up) and I turn the locknut to compress the spring more, will I still be able to get the sag at 4" at some point or will the only place the sag will be at 4" is where I have it right now? I checked my static sag by once again putting the bike on the stand then taking it off and pushing up and down a bunch with my hands and I got a difference of 2 inches so obviously the stock spring is too stiff for me. I test rode with the stock clicker settings and the bike was a little light in the back end while accelerating out of corners so I played with my clickers a bit and kept high speed comp at stock, moved low speed compression from 4 clicks out to 3 clicks out and I moved rebound from 11 clicks out to 9 clicks out. Am I doing the right thing here? I'm racing at a sand soil track this weekend so I think these settings should work good to get the tire to stay with the ground.

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