set up question's

Does anyone know if a Canadian 2003 WR 450 has the grey wire and if so where do I find it.

I just installed a JD jetting kit.

I used the blue needle three down from the top and a 165 main jet with a 48 pilot jet.The air screw is turned out 2.5 turns. We are at around 400feet above sea level and the temperature is about 45-55 degrees. I haven't had a chance to test ride the bike yet but while in the shop I heated it up and it seemed to run very well except it had the dredded bog/stall when cracked open from idle. This is what I'm trying to get away from. I have a Hindle competition exhaust and YZ exhaust cam.

Take your leak jet and solder it shut. Move the red needle to clip #4 or 5 and put in a 170 main jet. :banghead:

No grey wire, no throttle stop on Canadian models.

They know where the real men live. lol. :banghead:

The 05's are the same in both the US and Canada now.

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