white Bros E2- Holy Crap!

I just want everyone to know about this slip on exhaust. My 2000 xr 600 started on the first kick for the very first time. I put on the larger tip opening that came with the bike and it opened her right up. More power everwhere. The sound is awe inspiring and the increase is definately noticeable. The best thing is how easy she is to start now. I am not exagerating. If anyone has a hard time starting their big bore 4 stroke, try one of these. Easy to install, great design, perfect fit and great overall performance. I still need to dial in the jetting but its not too bad as is. I just bought a pumper carb from Edelbrock (Barnums) and can't wait. Just wanted to share this with you all.

anyone,anyone, Buehler

Did you use the stock header ? What other improvement's have you done.

If I do the starting deal right mine will start right up , but get someone else out there, or has it been ran in the last 12 hours look out the show is on .

I put one of these on my XR650 a year ago, posted my results, very similar to yours. A great pipe that meets sound requirements without power loss, as well as an extra tip that really opens her up throughout the whole powerband. The responses I got were similar to yours........none, so don't feel bad :banghead:

Yes I used the stock header. I havn't done anything else except remove the snorkle from the airbox. I will be installing an edelbrock pumper carb as soon as Barnum ships it. Other than that I will be leaving her stock.

Just want to hear some feedback if anyone is reading

i'am leaning towards an e-2 for my 86 xr600r. i have heard good things. i will be interested to see how things are working for you.

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