Where to buy DOT Flush Mount Tail light??

Where did you guys buy yours?

The 4 strokes only flush mount tail light that looks like it was meant to be on that fender is not DOT. This light doesnt give off much light. I took mine off because I was afraid of getting rear ended. Acerbis has one that is smaller than stock and it is DOT. Hope this helps.

I could of sworn that I saw one on another site, bummer :banghead:

Call baja designs. They have a nifty LED tail light that sneaks under the fender.

Scott V, that looks good. Where did you get that?

Check this site out.


I bought their 1156/T10 bulb. It is the square one with 36 LEDs. It JUST fits under the stock tail light lens. A little wiring and you have a great tail lamp. It will support brake and tail lamps. I'd send a picture, but I don't have one.

Scott V, that looks good. Where did you get that?

Here- http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/catalog/lighting.shtml

Steahly Products Inc.

3850 Pioneer Rd.

Medford OR. 97501



It's the large XR style # L-5200

$17.00 plus $6.00 shipping from UPS

It made it in one day because I am in the same state.

The Maier it is, thanks guys.

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