YZ timing mod, bike splutters now?

have just test run the bike after a top end rebuild and setting the exhaust cam to the YZ timing (12 links). Now the bike sounds as ruff as a bag of spanners at low revs and the tickover is very erratic? I am assuming it is now necessary for the carb to be re-jetted to suit the delayed timing, but i don't have a clue as to what jets are fitted as the bike was bought 2nd hand and i ain't dared touch the carb yet as before the mod it always started 1st kick and ran great and though it seemed a little rich, it was very predictable. Anyway, the point i'm getting to is, what's the best way of sorting this out? is it a straight strip down of the carb to ascertain what jets are in or is there summit else i can try first?

By the way, with the YZ mod, i didn't really notice much difference? probably a lot to do with the erratic running/popping on deceleration etc? i hope when the jetting is sorted i will notice some power gains :banghead:

Sorry Stranglersfan, I cant help you, but i am having the same problem. I had bought this bike used and when i went to see all the mods that have been done there was, gray wire, air box lid, exhuast plug and so on. I have not checked to see if he had done the YZ cam mod, but i am having the same problem you are having. If anyone could help us out would be much apercated. :banghead:

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