2000 Yamaha WR400F - Is This a Good Deal???

Look at this...

Title: 2000 Yamaha WR400F (Street Legal)


Rare street legal bike, FMF Q pipe, Renthal bars, O-ring chain and sprockets, new rear tire, Acerbis guards, adult owned, top condition, very well maintained.

This was posted in my classifieds at work. I'm just getting into dual sports so I don't know much about pricing and the bikes, but I've heard the WR is a great bike. Is this a good deal? Seems kinda high to me, but every bike in the Seattle area seems overpriced to me for some reason...


Seems a little high to me.I bought a 2002 wr426 with 200 miles on it, just serviced and mint cond for $3,600 and I thought I paid a little too much.How many miles on it?? Street legal bikes normally have alot more miles than just dirt only bikes.

I Just Bought Mine For 3000

Lots Of Mods Only Two Adult Owners

Oil Change Every Other Ride

Air Filter Cleaned Every Ride

2000 Wr400

She Runs Fast And Strong

3800 Seems Alot Though

The 2k WR400F is a great bike. Especially if it has been well maintained. $3800 sounds high though. Even with the plate. :banghead:

im gonna have to say dido to all the other guys on this one i own a wr400f and i just recently got mine plated. before it was plated i have logged in 6,000 yes thats right 6000 miles on it all trail riding! and now i plan on putting more on it

ive changed the oil every 100 to 200 miles depending on the type off riding and where.

ive t hought off selling mine and getting a new one but when you kick it once and it starts its almost pointless to spend a few mor grand just to have it look like this one in a year or 2 lol check kelly blue book and nada blue book

3800 is to much unless you cant get a dirt bike plated in your state! with out going through lots of hoops like i have!

oh yeh

sorry heres a real good tip to see what kinda off maitenance this person did on the bike

have him show you how to check and what the clearance actually is on the valves of the bike. See how well he actyually knows his bike! The valves being out of clearance is one of the main components that tears up the motor!

good bike but i also think that is too much.

2500-3000us$ would be reasonable.

I just sold a nice 98 wr400 (not much changed from 98-2000) for 1800 with renthal fatbars, WB silencer, new clutch, sprockets, chain, fork seals, with new tires. I was asking 2200. It did show some wear but nothing out of the ordinary and it ran perfect.

Thanks for all the help. This is great feedback!

I live in Seattle, WA, and have heard that it is very difficult to get a dirt bike registered and licensed as a street bike here in Washington... Can anyone verify this?


I paid 3300 for a 99 recently, but it had supermoto wheels as well as the dirt wheels. it runs great and seems to have been maintained. it was also already plated, and i hear thats a hard thing to do here in NY. I probably paid a little too much, but it was exactly what i wanted and i was sick of searching.

hey neighbor

yes its difficult

you cannot register a bike that says dirt use only for the streat

your only way around it is to get one that is already made street legal and liscneced in washington

or do some title swapping with friend in idaho or oregan.... i just got mine plated in idaho using a freinds address

hopefully when i get title i can get it liscenced in washington ok

btw im in auburn, wa

and i ride a 2000 wr400f that is now plated

aswell as i hadded all the neccesities and i added a rectifier converting hte ac to dc and i added a battery!

bought a 2000 wr400 last summer in portland in exc. cond. for 2700

98 WR400 one year ago for 2800 already DS'd and Plated. Great bike little much at $3800 IMO

3800 sounds a little high unless it's cherry and being sold in Cal.

What kind of Dual Sport Kit does it have?

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