klx or wr250

Hello to all.

I've just gotten started into off-roading and man I've got to say it's great. At the moment I'm riding my friends 1986 Honda 250r. Needless to say the bikes getting on in years and I now think I'm ready to get my own. Which brings me to my ?. Could anyone give me some pros & cons for each bike?(2005 models). The choice is really satrting to get to me. I weigh about 190lbs and am 6' tall. The trails I ride on have a little bit of everything. Powerlines, sandpits,open streches etc. Any help would be great. Thanks.


I always rode Hondas, and my 03 WR is my first Yamaha. I love it. Plenty of power and very reliable.

I have an 03 as well. I have race 20+ hare scrambles and had a good many rides and I am still on the original chain, sprockets, and brake pads. I finally changed the spark plug a couple of weeks ago, though I didn't need to. You simply can not go wrong with the 5 valve design. I have literally had nothing go wrong with my bike that I did not brake myself. I know I probably should, but I haven't even had to go into the engine to check the valves yet. Still runs great and cranks first or second kick. I wouldn't be able to afford this sport if I had to replace valves every 3 months to a year.

Well the WR250F is hands down the better performer. I own one and I love it for its power and point it into anything attitude. On the other side the Kawasaki KLX300 is a good bike also but very different from the WR250F. First its cheaper, in all ways. Build quality and component choices. On the up side it is much shorter so if you are shorter than 5'8" ish the WR250F is on the tall side. Im 5'8" and I am getting a chronic pain in my groin from throwing my leg over my bike. My buddy owns a KLX300 and he likes it but admits it cant compare to the Honda CRF and Yamaha WR. He has done a few mods to help with performance and ride. New pipe front and rear springs and for the Future a 'pumper carb' , you see the KLX300 comes with a CV carb, these carbs have a slide that is actuated by vacuum so it take a little time for the vacuum to build for throttle response. This is used for emmision control no extra fuel is burned. The WR and most competition bikes have the slide directly connected to your throttle tube by a cable. So when you twist you start sucking air and most have what they call an AP squirt which sprays more fuel directly into the carb for times when you really need it.

Switching to a "pumper" carb on a KLX300 would be the best thing you could do for these bikes performance but I would recomend the new pipe first.

Bottom line, if you are tall enough and you want performance out of the box get the WR250F if you want a smaller bike with smooth quiet power delivery. The KLX is a good choice.

KLX is shorter, and more tractor like than the WR. I'd personally rather have a more modern XR250R than the Kawasaki.. Unless you find one with a proper carburetor and a good autodecompression camshaft. (Some the the Kawasaki's had a problem with the cam, not sure which years. Before you buy, make sure it's easy to start)

If you think you'll want to ride fast though go to the WR or CRF


WR, no question.


Yamaha WR.

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