Biggest bang for the buck?

I have a 100% stock klx 400e. What is the biggest bang for the buck mods you have done? Which pipe do you recommend? What gearing do you run? I want a little more low end power to loft the front tire over rocks and logs. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

Fix the jetting and yank the snorkle off the airbox to start with. That makes a huge difference to begin with.


162 main

Needle Clip 5

Yank snorkle

Fuel screw 2.5 turns out

Look in my garage :banghead:

Go with a james dean jet kit and a muzzy or yosh stainless exhaust. That will do wonders for your bike.

Pull the plug on the airbox lid first. then fix jetting JD kit is good. Muzzy is good too, but the hot cams are really good. also drop one tooth on the front sprocket perhaps do that first. under 20 $. Adding aftermarket parts on this bike is what makes it great. have fun. I sure have :banghead:

Yank the snorkel grommet (3x3 mod) first. It's a free mod that might give you enough of a boost that you won't need to spend more money. It's a surprising change. If you ride at altitude, it makes BIG difference, and you might not need to re-jet, I didn't.

I went to the Rekluse Z-Start auto clutch, didn't make the bike itself faster, but it made me faster. Definately easier to control in tight stuff and great at wheelies for logs and rocks.

What is a twin air?

aftermarket air filter. look for it in the TT store.

If you pull the snorkel you will need to change the main jet at minimum.

What is a twin air?

It's a air filter that lets in twice the air. :banghead:

I still cant get over how much of a difference the 3x3 mod and DJ kit has made to my DRZ. Bloody hell.

As far as i can tell thats the best mod. Its cheap and easy.

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