Yz125 Vs Yz250f Vs Kx250f

Hey guys, heres the story, im lookin to buy a bike soon, my first bike, but i cant decide what i want yet. I most ride open trails, and tracks, and also i wanna get into hitting metal ramps so pretty much FMX, i was thinkin the 125 but i dont wanna get it and get bored fast, im kinda leanin towards to either of the 250Fs because i hear the have sweet bottom end and stuff so in your guys opinion what do you think my decision should be?

FMX = 250 smoker.

For FMX you should get a 2 stroke... but if you do get a four stroke go with the yz250f :banghead:

ya deff a 250 2 stroke for FMX..but for racing..250F..i own a kxf..so i obviously im gonna say go kawi

get a yz 125 or a ktm 125 for FMX. I dont think you will get bored of the power of a 125, they are fast bikes, some if the pros were riding them last year or the year before in SX, so they are very powerful.

you could race a 125 if you get really good. you may not win but you wont be last!

decide where/what you really want to ride on. Then decide what bike you want.

I have to agree with wishihad1, the 2 stroke would probably be a better first bike. I say this because a 125 will be much lighter, easier to start after a fall and easier to work on (enginewise). Not to mention learning proper gear selection and clutch use.

If you plan on doing any freestyle, go with the two-stroke.

Woulda 250 2 stroke be a little much? i mean honestly, im not scared of one, like i could take it slow until i got used to the power but yea, I'll alot more freestyle and just riding open trails more than racing, i dont think i'll get into racing now that i think about it. So would a 250 2 stroke be good for me? Im about 5'7 135 lbs

u can do fine with the 125, pastrani did his first few yrs in fmx. but if you wanna go fmx 2 stroke 125 to start i say. ride it a few years and if u need to step it up to 250

LISTEN TO ME! :banghead:

Buy a cheap 125 to learn the riding basics. Try to find a 00 or 01 cr125. It is absolutely the best thing you can do. A 125 teaches you things in a much better way. To get into the power you learn how to rev the bike and use its powerband. A 125 teaches you better cornering. Its not just roll in throttle out, you have to clutch.

After this you can upgrade to whatever you want. Or... if you think you really want a 125 anyway just get a nicer newer one. I know people who would be alot better now if they started on the proper bike. It's pretty likely you will want a new one later anyway so who cares? Just stay away from 97/98 crs. They kinda suck.

Hey guys, heres the story, im lookin to buy a bike soon, my first bike, ..... i was thinkin the 125 but i dont wanna get it and get bored fast, .....

If this purchase is your first full size bike, you don't have to be worried about being bored by any bike. Any 125, or 250f will have way more to offer than you can use. It will take you years of riding before you could really use what a 125 has to offer.

A 250f will make doing certain things easier, but won't necessarily make you a better technical rider. I think that the 125 is way more fun to ride.

Consider purchase cost, maintenance cost, skill required to tune, maintain or repair, and what your real outcome is.

- easy turn the throttle and go power and traction, 250f


- still more power than you'll use in a long time, and more learning of how to be better technical rider.

I think that both are equally easy to ride at your skill level.

My opinion

If your doing more trails = 250f, for more easily used power

If your doing more track or FMX, I would go with = 125 for lighter weight, flickable, technical riding

go with the 250f

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