Budds Ceek Md. State Champinoship

:banghead: So whos going this weekend? Gates open Friday morning. Check the website for info. Racing season is winding down fast,this event is always a good time.Hopefully the green fo-fiddy will be here in time! So you say your looking for a bike? will have 2- 05 kx 250f's for sale there. 1 new-unridden.............1 totally tricked out w/fresh vpe motor. Come check them out....#335 VetA White GMC dually w/ enclosed trailer. :banghead:

Man what I wouldnt do to race there this weekend, but I just got a cast off and 2 pins removed, So maybe next yr. Roost ya later,, Brapppp

i was gonna go but i think you cant do just saturday without also payin for sunday.damn beasley!

Check their website. Different classes have different format. :banghead:

HAHA............I wish :banghead:


All B,C & youth classes have a 3 moto format, 2 on Saturday and 1 moto Sunday All A & Quad riders are running 2 moto's each day.

Weekend admission is $25 for the weekend adults & $15 children (6-12) years old

Sunday Admission $12 adults $5 children

Sign-up is $25 per class per day. Gates open Friday morning & are open 24/7. There are no Saturday only tickets.

Sign-up is Friday & Saturday night 6-9pm. Sat & Sunday morning 6-9am. Practice starts at 9am both days.

Have fun !!!!!!!!!

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