xrl fork issue

Hard to explain by typing but, when compressing the forks are fine when the extend they go click. Kinda like they are topping out. Not hard just a soft click on the street but a nice deep hole they pop pretty loud, when it comes out.

what is this? The forks have no air added and rebound adjuster is about midways.

Are they topping? Could be a lack of fork oil letting them rebound too quick.


Yes, I think so. anybody have the amount of oil spec to put back in them after I drain them and start over?

The manual says 19.1 US oz.


Dumb Question: How exactly do you change your fork oil? I think im due for a change.

That's a strange problem. I once destroyed the internals of the forks on my '97 XR400R. I had to buy some used (but nicely modified) forks from Richard Thorwaldon Jr the day before the 1998 Virginia City Grand Prix. It would have been more expensive to fix them.

My '95 650L has had its forks serviced once. Back in 2000. It still has the original seals and bushings. Over 50,000 miles, races included.


I would take them apart for a look see. You might try taking off the front wheel and see if both forks free extend the same amount. If not. the fork cap(s) may not be connected to the damper rod.

The caps are connected to the damping rod, I had them off to add 2 oz of fork oil to see if that changed the sound. It didnt so they are coming off this weekend for a look and fill.

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