Post pictures of your DRZ/KLX here

I was just wondering what some of your guy's/gal's bikes looked like. Only post pictures of you 110/125/250. I'll start it out with one of mine. :banghead:Dirtbikepics001.jpg

My DRZ125L


So what do ya think eh....

My Bro's DRZ110


What a sweet bike DarrinG. Very nice!! Is the motor pumped at all? Is that a 80 rear end or do you just have the front end? Where'd you get those graphics from?

What mods do you guys have on your bikes? Nice bike BTW. Mine is pretty stock just BBR shock and fork springs and a FMF exhaust.

Thanks guys! Yeah, it's a 1fiddy. It's the stock swing arm and rear wheel. But, the shock is a Works piggy back unit. The cool thing about the DRZ is that it uses a lot of parts of other bikes so you can get some cool stuff. The options for shocks is a lot better than for a TTR or CRF.

I race supermotard here in the NW and I finished 4th last year (2004) in the pro class. One thing led to another and I was some Makita graphics and I could have my own RC rip off. Well, they don't make them for the DRZ. I run pre-printed backgrounds anyway and I get a small sponsorship from Creative Graphics, I was like...hmmmm. So I called em and was like, can you make me some RC replica's? Since One Industries makes them for other bikes, they couldn't make them. So, I"m about some Malia graphics? My daughter's name is malia so I said, make them "similar" to the makita.... Anyway...long story but that's how it worked out.

It's not the fastest bike in the world but it handles GREAT! I've got a guy that has another head and some cams, I'm gonna try those to see how they work. Supposedly a really good engine builder from California built it. I had a local guy do mine and he didn't do a very good job. Oh well....


my bike

Here's mine when it was brand new. :banghead:



Hey Doc- I have the same Yoshi pipe on my klx, did yours also get a dent underneath on the pipe before the canister?

Here's mine:





ugh man im not gonna even bother puttin my pick of my bike up

ill just be humiliated, lol, all your bikes kick ass compared to mine

whats the best exhaust on the market for this bike?

most peaople say BBR or FMF

what do u' think?

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