1982 z50r

i was wondering if any body has done a 1982 z50 with an xr75 engine in it.

the frame would have to be modifyed to take it and bigger suspention made to give it some high

whatr do u's think :banghead:

Easier to bump it up to an 88cc big bore kit, an ATC70 head, a cam, a Trailbikes 20mm carb, and a BigGun Pipe, and a lot less aggravation and work.

but the act dosent have a manual clutch, i haven't yet set what motor i am going to use i was thinking xr75,xr80,chines rip offs 125cc manuel clutch,or a dt125 or scrap this idea and get a kx60 and put a xr100 in it. :banghead:

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