bringing a nevada bike into California

Hey everyone, ive been out of the scene as far as dirtbiking for about a year. Ive got the crf and wr450, 2002 and 2003 respectively. Theyre both getting kind of old so im thinking about the new ktm 525 XC-G. Thing is the dealer wants 8400 out the door here. I tried searching for "out of state" etc but... Ive found a shop in nevada where i can get it for cheaper but im wondering about the hassles involved with bringing a bike back from out of state into california, or if they are california spec. Also what about buying from Zach at motorcycle brokers in canada... i know ill have to pay tax when it comes... thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it

Have you checked with Ktm Dealer :MPC: in Roseville off of Auburn/Riverside?

nope, not yet, will check into that first thing tomorow, same with the one out in mojave, thanks a lot! :banghead:

**lol ... didnt realize roseville was in norcal... looks like a little bit of a drive :banghead:

Dunno about bikes but you can't bring in a new car unless it meets Cal's smog. It has to be used, a minimum number of miles I think. Get on Cal's DMV web site and you can probably find out.

Best price quote I got when looking for a new KTM was from Munn Racing in Waco, Texas. he gave me an OTD price of $6600 for a bike that the local guys wanted about $8K for. I finally worked a deal with a local guy that basically met Munn's...after the shipping and tax were factored in.....

I don't think you would have a problem unless your trying to get a plate for an off road only bike. You could always give the DMV a call and find out for sure.

Call Redwood city ktm.(best price around here) out of state bikes wait 90 days to reg. and no tax due.


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