rich needle?

I have had problems all year with the 360 Bultaco blubbering off corners when you try to pull a taller gear and track through the corner instead of downshifting and buzz the motor.....the mainjet is just about perfect so I think I need the next size leaner needle. I have the clip all the way lean (top notch) and its still too rich.....the question is: Before I order a new needle, should I try filing the cutaway more on the slide (its a 2.5 now) 38 VM Mikuni)

BC :banghead:

what size main jet?

i would try a leaner needle jet.

260 when Im at sea level...250 when we race in Nevada....or higher...Runs like a rocket on top end and has crisp throttle response....stock porting...stock pipe

kinda wasted a whole season thinking about it.....ha ha ha

ok,good.your pretty good or close on the main.i see some guys runnign 350 and richer.

i would look to see what needle jet it has.

if you have a extra slide you can try more cutaway,but i think your issue happens higher in the revs than the slide controls.

I'll get the numbers for you tomorrow on the needle and needle jet and we can talk about it.....

Take care Ed,

Worn needle or needle jet? Leaky primary seal?

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