Dade MX schedule?

Anyone know what is up with Dade this coming weekend? Are they doing normal practice and classes or is there an event?

why do you ask this? gold cup was two weeks ago you silly goose! Practice is tomorrow and racing saturday, me and kaotic are going tomorrow, well we see you there?

Direct quote from a fellow TTer: "Don't even pass me because I'm just gonna be an ******* about it"


Do I need to draw a picture for you, or do you understand yet. Btw Chew Gravel the only goose out here is Btc20mx Partner with the duck

I dont get it, what are you going to draw a picture of? do you want me to take it off? cause I already did, i just need to post something else

oh my gosh its permanetely on there

fixed it

Children...please stop fighting!

Can't we all just get along!


I hope I didn't miss anything good :banghead:

If the weather holds out and it doesn't look like I need to spend the day picking up loose objects, I am going to go ride :banghead:

Not sure if I would see any of you as I would be in the middle class and ride the whole track when the begginers go. I have only been out there twice with my bike. I am only starting to jump and don't think I belong out there with the open practice and guys sailing over my head :lol: Though the thought of crushing some little peanut that tips over in front of me is a tad nerve wracking too.

Anyway......look for the only blonde adult female dressed in purple and riding a yellow zuki and come say hi :busted:

For DonO's benefit, chewie is aka Lisa in case we ever meet:)

I ride with the kiddies too. Be careful! They're all over the place. Don't follow them and if you're gonna pass them, do it when you know you can. Some kiddies are more of a hazard out there than I am. :banghead:

Thanks. It's like I am better than the little ones yet not OK to be out there for the open practice. I know there will always be faster guys and that's fine. BUt I would like to feel like I didn't have to watch behind me and see people overhead. That's scary.

were you there tonight? I was looking for the drz in the early practice, sorry to have missed you.

Nope, I don't go on Thurs. Out of work too late and I believe that is only the open practice right?

And I am a thumper traitor. My bike is an RM125.

Hopefully going tomorrow.

Chewy needs stress relief. :banghead::banghead:

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