Back in the Day-125

Anyone on here miss riding there 125, I race a buddys RM 125 this past weekend just for :banghead: and giggles, and man I was having some much fun :banghead: I didn't want to get off of it, I felt some much faster on it, that little bike will flat rev to the moon. I am almost ready to go buy another one.

Yeah I got on my brothers rm125 the other day, loads of fun. I am going back to 2-strokes but I think I'll give a 250 a try this time.

I had a new 05 YZ 250 back in the spring,my the best advice to you is to respsct that thing or it will kick your :banghead: .The power was really usable on the YZ but when it hit, you had to hold on to it, but it was a fun bike. The only reason I went back to a smaller bike is because I was faster and more competitive on it. Give it a shot though it may be the best dicision you ever made. :banghead:

Thats why I keep my 2000 RM250 in my stable. There is nothing like the power of a 2-stroke. If I was not getting up in years, thats all I would ride. However at 41 the 4 stroke is so much easier on the body!

Well i agree riding the 1-2-5 is like a whole different ride but we all know they will be gone forever soon,better make it quick.

yeah, soon enough the 125 will be no more, but after riding my 250f for a year, i got on a 125, it was twice as fun, plus i was actually faster on it, im gonna start racin my yz250 two smoke, and im gonna get a 125, the best thing is it is now legal to bore them to 144's. i cant wait.

I think after riding a 250f I could go just as fast on a 125, a 250f is just so much easier to ride that you can get faster quicker.

I dont think that the 2 stroke makes you any faster, it just feels that way cause the bike is screaming and your working twice as hard to ride it. Thats just my opinion..

ya me 3

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