V-nose trailers, is there a difference?

I'm thinking of getting my first enclosed trailer to tow behind my brand new Silverado Hybrid :banghead::lol::lol:. Actually I'm kidding on the hybrid, I just couldn't resist. Anyways I was thinking of at most a 14 footer. Would I see a difference in mpg or the way a trailer tows if it was a v-nose? They are a little more $$$ than the traditional square front, so would it just be wasted money?

Is there a gas savings?

Thanks :banghead:

Got a kick out of your hybrid comment. When I bought my trailer, I inquired about a "V" nose and the owner of the store who I dealt with said they dont tow as well, but are advantageous because of snowmobiles dont back up, so they can drive in, then right out the nose. I'm not sure if this is true or not. But I opted agaisnt it as a result of his comment.

Well, I've had 2 VNose & love them. Yes, they do cut through the wind better. Flat fronts buck the wind alittle more.

Now have a 25' VNose & yes, only way to go w/ snowmobiles. I think there is an advantage w/ Bikes, etc also.

Whether or better gasmileage -- maybe not because usually end up w/ longer trailer because of V, so carrying more weight. W/ my situation, only way to go.


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