Another hows my form thread. Well, how is it!?

Any helps is greatly appreciated! What can i do to improve? I don't ride a trick race bike and I'm not fast but heres what i can do:

We call this the "free for all sweeper"

Heres one of my favorite corners

Washed out and stalled in the corner after :lol:

Another sweeper

Goon style :banghead:

A little hill

Cool sandy section

A little wheelie :banghead:

Another little wheelie. Not the same results

Any help on my form is greatly appreciated. I'm 13 years old 5'3 110 pounds and thats a ttr125l I'm riding..

thanks! :lol::lol::busted:

NICE pics keep on truckin' dude :banghead:

Nice pics bro :banghead: Keep up da good work!

Thanks guys! :banghead:

Nice Pics! Great wheelie pic!

Nice Pics! Great wheelie pic!

Yeah i got lucky on that one wheelie.. I can never hold wheelies verry long..

Awesome pics! Form looks great!

The front end looks light in almost every turn picture, looking like you are going to wash out any time.

The TTR is probably not really conducive to aggressive riding, but you really need to haul yourself even more forward, practically sitting on the tank. Then just lean it over and give it some throttle!

looks good man, wheelie will just come, when i had my first bike <1993 xr100> i practiced wheelies everyday all summer, flipped back so many times. asked so many questions, and frequent google searchs on how to do it. i finally got it down where i owned wheeling in every gear. and holding them as long as i liked. you just need to practice, and buy lots of rear fenders

and buy lots of rear fenders


Thankds CraZ DrtRider and Anssi for the help.

Also i've been trying to make this picture my avatar but cant quite figure it out. I Saved the picture then pasted it in a publisher doc then croped it sized it small ext.. exy. But i cant quite get it right.. If anybody could tell me how or size one down that would be awsome.. Thanks :banghead:

pretty cool pictures. Keep on practising and you'll only good better man, you look good though:thumbsup:

Click here for your avatar: Avatar

Click here for your avatar: Avatar

THANK YOU!!! :banghead::lol::lol::lol::banghead:

very nice...remember, if you have a good berm...use it.

very nice...remember, if you have a good berm...use it.

Hahaha yeah.. I always find cutting in the inside in that corner i can get around faster :lol: ... :banghead::banghead::lol: .. Rember if you can get around faster.. do it...

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