fcr 39 jettig on 05drzsm

i have a 05drzsm, 3x3 full fmf exhaust with quite insert.i have a oem fcr39,fmfpower up jet kit i am about to install. instructions say groove #5 install dj140main.air screw 1 turn out. i ride @sea level -2000ft.is this correct if not what is best way to setup.i am willing to do what is best.

mines yellow is yours?when you get it in there and running right please post it,i'm doing the same thing just waiting for the e parts.hopfully fri. thanx :banghead:

sorry its black.i will report back.

sorry its black.i will report back.

:banghead: cool,i wanted black but someone beat me to it.i can't wait to hear how it goes. :banghead:

the dj kit for the fcr carb doesnt work well.the needle has to much taper.

bike runs like it has fuel injection.155main jet,200main air jet,EMN needle 3rd clip,38piolet jet,5/8piolet air screw conversion,1.5turns fuel screw.with out coast enrichner.dont forget e model petcock.

nice,thats a great set up!

cool, now i have something to go on.parts were suppost to be here on sat but now it looks like tues or wed

burned that was the set up you gave on drz form.thank you.

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