Ktm 400 Exc Gearing

Hello Guys,

Having a 2001 KTM 400 EXC, gearing ratio 14/48

After reading all your comments, I'm hesitating between fixing 14/52 (new chain will be welcome) or fixing 13/52 (keep the chain).

You must know that I have to ride on paved road to get to the tight woods first, it is really too low with 13/52?


The bike will still do 70+ MPH, and still easily cruises at 60 mph. Do the 13t and if it's too low, then get a new chain and do 14/52.

For tight woods the 13/52 is the best answer since you can ride in 2nd and 3rd comfortably. It really made a difference and with knobbies, I would not want to go past 55 anyway.

there's another thread on this recently. 13/52 all the way for the woods. no issues on the wide open stuff either. I don't get what all the hub bub is about.

The hub bub is....They Rip!!!!!

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