Honda lover, but this has me thinking......

I have been looking to buy an 06 crf and motard my old 02 :banghead: but this article has me thinking. :banghead:,13190,1119785,00.html

i guess i will wait until the shoot outs are all printed and i can sit on and look at both bikes. i would hate to leave honda, i have ridden them forever :lol: , but they make this thing sound like it will out turn anything.

Nice write up. Bike sounds promising. These rags always make a bike sound good when theres nothing to compare them to. Like you said, wait for the shootout. I bleed red, this bike would have to be a hell of a lot better to make me switch.

Wait for the tests. I've read great things about the Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Australasian Dirt Bike magazine said the Kawasaki was awesome but possibly needed to suspension sorting to work to 100%. They rated the Honda 11 out of 10 (they gave last years bike 10 out of 10 and since this years is better they had to give it 11). They said it handled better than anything else they have tested (stock).

I can't wait for the shootouts to start to come through.

Don't give up on red just yet. The other bikes may come close but I'm confident Honda will come out on top.

Yeah im seriously looking at getting an RM-Z myself. I rode my buddies RM-Z 450 tonight after my crf took a shit. That thing corners like its on rails. And it was fun to ride as it didnt feel like it was going to rip my arms off. But im waiting for the shootouts as well. So well see.

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