pilot screw on a CA DRZ-250??!!

I just installed a dynojet stage 2 kit on my '03 drz250. I put the 116 main jet and the needle on the 3rd clip from the top like the instructinos say. My problem is that after it warms up, it seems to want to stall with SLOW throttle input. When I gas it real quick, it seems fine, so I figure it's running rich. Should I maybe try to put the e-clip on a different groove or just turn the pilot screw in a little?

This is my first carb o'haul, so be gentle!



what is the current fuel screw setting?

I didn't touch the fuel screw because it was hidden that that stupid brass cap (CA model carb). So I can only assume it's at the stock 2.75 turns out.

Is there a aftermarket screw i can get that will allow me to more easily turn the pilot screw (same as fuel screw, right?) on the bike? If so, what would you recommend?



they are rarely set where the should be.

ive never seen a extended fuel screw for that carb.sorry.

Cool, thanks! You've been a tremendous help

Looks like I have some work to do when I get home!


OK, so I tried screwing around with the fuel screw, and it doesn't really seem to make a difference. It sucks because I have to take the carb off to get at the fuel screw. It revs up okay, but when I slow rev up the engine it will caugh and die. High RPMs seem okay. I tried putting the OEM needle back in and that didn't make any difference. It doesn't seem like the main jet is the problem because that takes effect at higher RPMs, right? I left the pilot jet stock, so what's my problem? Any ideas?

Thanks again


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