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Welp, just pulled the seat off. Air filter is a nightmare... I thought the CRF was bad, this is just as bad, only easier to line up.. Its a pain in the ass to get in there. Im taking the bike to a track tommorrow. Ill post a Brider review on Thurs or late wednesday...

Hey, these bikes only hold a quart of oil,,, KICK AZZ.. Theres some more weight savings for ya...

give a ride report as soon as you can :banghead:

Takin the beast to a track in austin tonight, so ill let ya know as soon as i get back...

Looks like Twin Air will make some $ off of this model as well. One of the best mods I did on my CRF was the PowerFlow kit. Made changing filters a breeze and allows for quite a bit more air flow.

Why can't these mfgs engineer more space. Seems that only Yamaha & KTM do it right.

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