i took my baffel out the other day because i thought it was too pluged up. my dad than told me that the bikes carberator is adjusted for the baffel. but when the baffels out the bike seems to run much better... do i need to re-jet or what so that i can run the bike whit no baffel??? thanks for the help...zach

Well if it runs better then leave it alone. By baffel do you mean open up the air box or cutout the exhaust plug? If you cut out the exahust then it shouldn't mess with the jetting.

the exaust baffel, i unscrewed it. the dealer also said the carb is tuned for the baffel in but the bike seems to resond better and acelerate in the top end much better..

I found the same thing happened when I took out my baffle. I haven't seen any reason to rejet.

alright thanks, what page are the ccc mods on?

what page are the ccc mods on?

You should be able to come up with lot's of stuff searching the forum. Here's Rick Ramsey's site. Here's what I did.

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