Dyno Jet Question


I recently put in a Dynojet Kit and have been having lots of trouble. I don't blame the kit just me:)

I noticed that when the jet needle is dropped down into the slide body, it sits cocked to one side. If you rotate it until the eclip is just right it drops in bettr but still seems to be able to move alot. I assume the spring holds it in well but I thought that seemed odd.

Also, this bike will pour fuel out the float overflow in the cold mornings but not in the warm afternoons. I replaced the float assembly O-rings but I just don't see why it will overflow like that when the only difference is the ambient temp.

The bike seems to run horribly no matter what I do to the carb but I am just trying to fix the most obvious problems first.



I had the same issue with the needle on my drz. I just put a stage 2 dynojet kit in. I'm having trouble with it cutting out when I give it slow throttle. I'm not so sure that the needle is your problem, though, since mine doesn't leak. Did you check your float level? make sure that's correct... other than that, I haven't a clue...

my 2 cents...


whats it doing,i had problems aswell but all iswell now.the needle is suppost to be like that.i put the slide in without the plug holding the needle .its way easier.check your float leval i'm not positive how many mm's its suppost to be but i have the #13 in my head.search the threads you might find an answer.good luck

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