My 06 KX250F is faster than....

I rejetted my 06 KX250F today. I race on a team with two other guys. one guy has an 05 CR250F. the crf has been ported and polished, has a boysen quick shot, and has a White brothers carbon pro. the bike has been professionally built buy our team mechanic. well my bone stock (only a twin Air filter) KX250F is faster than his CRF. only buy a hair but it is faster. just thought i would tell you guys that in case anyone is hesatent of the new KXFs. I LOVE mine. cant wait untill the arenacross series starts :banghead:

Race a KTM and tell us what happens

hahaaa. There was these guys at the track like 2 weeks ago, one on an 06 kxf250 and the other sxf250. These guys were coming out of this right hand bowl turn and clearing this atleast 90 ft triple that's like 15 ft out of the corner. Everyone else just doubles and scrubs over the last roller jump. Those things rip.

yea my bro had a kx pinger and it was fast on the top, i think kx has alot of power. didnt like the handling on it htough, and my sixth gear pulled cuz he only had 5. i have a yz and love it

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