Cobra spark arrestor on a xt350?

The Cobra spark arrestor came on the bike. Is it worth keeping? Seems to make it pretty loud and where it meets the head pipe there is not a tight seal. What can I do to seal? Weld or is there a sleeve/clamp of some kind. Any opinions appreciated.

The Cobra works good on XT 350. There should be a clamp where it slips on head pipe.

The Cobra is repackable, remove snap ring at rear, remove core and repack.

Good Luck,

Corky :banghead::banghead:

Hey Corky. I have read your post before. Way over my head. Just found a deal on this xt and bought on a whim. Has been fun but want to start tweaking just a bit.

What is repacking? and Why would I need to? How do you do it? Would it make it quieter? That might be a good thing.

Inner core is packed with insulation. After time it gets burned out.

Remove core, repack and your bike won't be so loud.

Corky :banghead::banghead:

Thanks, I will try that. I saw some kits you can buy on the net last night. Looks pretty easy.

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