How come on the 2002 XR250 ( i don't know of any other years, i'm sure that they are out there though) they had to label the kickstarter??!?!? I mean serioulsy, if you're that dumb that you don't know what that is, you shouldn't be riding!!!! THere's a freaking owners manual for that kind of stuff. I think i'll just grind it off of my bike, it looks stupid

My 400 also has that, and so does my mates 91 ish XR250. But it doesn't annoy me enough to attack it with an angle grinder...

my 87 does also

Maybe so nobody tries to use it as a seat?


me and my friends got discussing it, what words we could make out of it, why it was there, and if someone tried to use something else as the kickstarter, "ok, here is the kickstarter (points to where rear break is located) what you have to do is put your right foot on it however it will fit, jump up but don't let your foot get to far away, and put all of your force into it.........well, i don't think that it was supposed to break, i think the engine is seized. Oh well"

They have been labeling the kickstarter since at least the early 70's. Its nothing new.

Yes but the question is why?

So guys with the magic button will know how to start it

So guys with the magic button will know how to start it

haha the soft bastards

ha ha. that's SO true!

I don't know how many times I've caught myself jumping up and down on my right foot-peg, trying to start my bike... :banghead:

My buddy would be pissed if he knew I was telling this to the entire world, but he did have to ask how to start the thing when he got his new 400. He had never been on a bike before at all. Totally foreign to him, obviously.

When one of my friends had their XR100 a friends dad tried riding it. He's a jerk, I'm sure he explained how he used to ride them all the time back when he was younger... Anyway, I guess he was slamming that shifter pretty hard and wondering why it wouldn't start.

your kind of a spaz.

:lol::banghead::banghead: oh so thats what its for,I thought it meant to kick it like karate or some s--t,no more broken toes for me! thanks for the info.

It has to do with our litigation happy society in the US of A....

Without labels and warning labels, it is far easier to sue.....


that's true. Some of the People in the US are retards.

I thought the same thing when I saw it. It looks retarded just like the rest of the bike looks when you ride it. But it will smoke anything out there. I beat a 400 ex with a 440 and hotcam the other day and a ktm125.

Yeah my '04 xr400 has that too.. a few friends asked me about it. I told them its so you won't try to sit on it.

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