Also looking for a trade

Ok long story short. I've raced MX all my life but been off the bike for 3 years. Bought an 04 crf250 to start riding again and took up cross country racing and I'm in love with it. Wanting a serious offroad type machine 450cc's or bigger, interested in a trade for a husky!

I'm thinking you may have pitched to the wrong crowd...

swap my 04 TE 510 for a CRF250.... :banghead:

I used to ride those jap bikes but once you have a foreign well made bike you seem forget about them :banghead:

its true. once you get a well made euro-bike theres no going back to those mass produced japanese things...

I wish I could concur, but with the 2 huskies I have owned, I have had tons more problems with them than with my 4 strokes hondas and yamaha. Going back, that's a Honda 1979 xr 80, Honda 1984 xr 200, Yamaha 2003 WR 450, 1987 HUsky 510, 1995 WXE 610, 2001 TE 570.

The 610 is in the garage--the shop says a rocker arm pin came loose, letting all hell happen inside the engine. Cost for parts alone is $2400, then labor, for a bike that is probably worth $1400 if running. Can't justify the cost on that. Prior to that big problem, it had 2 major repairs--top end stuff.

My 570 is at a point where it won't start now, and I'm gonna work this weekend to try to remedy that with the help of the input from you guys. THanks again!

So, I love the Husky stability and power, but I have had much better luck Hondas and Yamahas.

I had an 03 KTM 250 SX I got from Guy Cooper a few years back when he was the KTM rep and it was a piece. but man oh man that 05 525exc is what I really want!

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