Looking to trade crf250 for EXC etc.

Well I've recently began racing cross country races and I love it. I'd like to get a machine a little more geared towards off road instead of MX. I have a bone stock 04 crf250 I'd like to trade towards a 450 exc or something similar. I want something electric for sure so i'm not sure what other KTM models i'd be interested in.

i been tryin to trade or sell my 450F for a ktm for like 3 months and nothins ever panned out good luck tho

i have a 02 400 mxc with the 3.1gal tank....bike is totally loaded...gpr steering stablizer,bark busters, big gun exhuast,src skid plate,black did wheels,extra plastic tires,new seal and guides in fork also gold valves in them i would consider doing some trading with either one of you....thanks

are the MXC's electric start?

My 2004 450 MXC is electric start :banghead: .

yea they are electric start and they are the cross country bike.....its a great bike!!

I'll email you some pics, send what ya got.

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