XR 600 triple clamps ?

Does anyone know, if any year XR 600 (with 43mm forks) came with the type of top triple clamp that had the handlebar clamps that bolted through the top of the triple clamp and used rubber cushions instead of the type of handle bar clamps that are cast into the top clamp (all one piece)?

I know I once had a set of stock Honda 43mm clamps with this design but I don't remember if the were off of a CR or an XR or what year they were.

Thanks to anyone who can help with info on this.

cr 500 87-88 possibly more years 250's possible also. I have a set of '88 cr 500 if you are looking.

I have a spare 43mm top clamp as well from a CR250.

The XR6 came with the same triple clamp setup for the whole of the bikes model run. However, Applied racing used to do a billet triple clamp set (top/bottom clamps and bar mounts) that is probably the same as what you describe. I had these on my bike that I just sold and for the record, they worked exceptionally well, giving the bike a more rigid feel.

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