Hot cams stage 2 on ebay get em cheap

stage 2

I'm not advertising this cause i don't know the guy, but its the same guy i just bought mine from and figured if anyone wanted to get hot cams, this is a cheap way to get them. I got mine in today, and they were factory sealed and showed no signs of use at all, everything was there instructions, spec card, and all the stickers. all in all i payed $225 for bran new stage 2 hot cams intake and exh. hes a good ebayer, for real

now all i need is a shim kit, hot cam shim kit is almost half as much as i paid for the cams, &%$#@!???

ya good deal,got to get the fcr on first though.i guess if you got a deal on ebay mabey a shim kit is on there as well.i have seen them on ebay before

ya i was lookin at one on ebay so i sent a message to the seller askin info about it, so well see

Yes...$225 is a good price...You saved about $15 off the normal Ebay vendors

price...Woodward Specialties normally has them for $120 each...

warnerve, i know it's nice to have the shim kit, but it may not be needed.

you can buy the individual shims you need for about $5 ea..

you'll just have to install new cam w/current shim to see where you are at.

in some cases you can use a shim from another bucket to achieve the clearance you desire.

where you buying the individual shims at??

Local Stealer sells em'.

i bet at the price they will charge i might as well get the kit???

Shims are $4.62 each at Ron Ayers. Probably $6 each at your local dealer. The most you can possibly need is 4. Buying the whole kit for $80 plus is overkill.

Post up the shim you have and the shim you need. Maybe somebody on here will swap you.

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