Red Bull Last Man Standing

Have any of you heard about this race? :banghead: Supposed to be a 160 mile race.

200 riders start they race a 40 mile loop. When the first 40 mile loop is over they start again. :lol: But this time with 100 riders. The second loop is over and they start again. :busted: But this time they go backwards in the dark. :banghead: Then there is only 50 riders. They do it again until it is 25 left. Still in the dark going backwards on a trail they have only seen in the light. :busted::busted:

Oh did I mention you have to be invited to this race?????? :lol::lol: But us watchers are free.

here is the web

Did I tell you It is in Texas? Just over the OK-TX border........................................

It should be a good time. :banghead:

So do they they eliminate the last 100 riders, then the last 50, then the last 25 riders?

Yes. You race the early stages to make the cut. :banghead:

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