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new css sproket, tires, springs and shock

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It all arrived today and yesterday. A steel braided brake cable as well.

Got a 14T CSS. And a Tera-Flex 150 monster for the rear and Kendra Trackmaster II for the front. The Tera-Flex is immense! I can't wait to get this stuff on the bike and hit the dirt.

I've been riding with really inadequate 50/50s (see Garage) and have actually managed to keep up with some serious riders in the desert for a little while. But I'm sick of scaring myself going through turns and the bike (and rider) is useless when trying to make it up and down steep hills.

I finally have a dirt bike! (well, once I put this stuff on....)

I've done the 3x3 mod and jet kit and have a Yosh slip-on (which 10guy thinks is useless!) :banghead: Am I going to be happy with the power I have running the TF II?.

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