Do large turn signals really matter?

I just got my bike a couple of months ago and put about 2000 miles on it. Only about 300-400 of that was dirt. The bike didn't have rear turn signals when I bought it, so I put on some small cheap ones.

Last week, I broke the front left signal. Duck tape holds it together for now, but I want to replace it.

The stock turn signals are HUGE. I can get a pair of small replacement signals for well under $20. Why does anyone stick with the stock signals?

They are pretty bright...That's about all I can say about them. They stick out like a sore thumb :banghead: which tends to get you noticed. I have small ones that are just as bright, and LEDs that are brighter. Get yourself some small ones and just drive like you are invisible, since you pretty much are as a motorcyclist. The little ones look waaaay better. Check out my garage for some small ones!

Probably to be DOT legal. The small units and marker lights are not DOT legal, although I have never heard of anybody cited for non DOT lights. :banghead:

I have the stockers on the front, I want to be seen. Idiots and all. I have always run flushmounts on the back and now LP flush mount IV's on the back. When I trashed a front I used a spare rear.

I like the visibility of the big fronts, and I'm not so worried about the rear. Although they aren't going to see you though when they are brain dead no matter how big your lights are. (Half the time they don't see the headlight :banghead: ) I must say though getting hit from the rear sucks, but that dude was under the influence and it wouldn't have mattered anyway. That bike had big stock lights.

Get replacement Buell turn signals from your local Harley dealer. $6 a piece are very flexible and street legal.

The girlfriend insisted on a fender eliminator and mini-blikers for her SV650. I obliged and everytime I ride behind her I'm reminded that the visibility of those little things suck. In the garage they look OK, but from 50 yards away on the street they're pretty worthless. They're bright but they're too small. My 2 cents.

i still run stockers front & rear less the standoffs or extensions. i have only broken the plastic housings so far, & have found some gsxr's use the same housing.

i stocked up on e-gay cheap. i should have turn signals for quite a while

Get replacement Buell turn signals from your local Harley dealer. $6 a piece are very flexible and street legal.

Okay, went to Harley yesterday to get two more Buell signals for the front and they are $13 a piece now, no exlanation given. Still not bad and DOT approved. They are dark in color lense and housing so they kind of blend in to the bike.

Fang has DOT looking Lockhart/Phillips incandescents all the way around that are visible from 150 yards in bright sunlight and are streamilined so I don't have to replace them or pull them out of my flesh in a getoff. There are times you WANT to slide off the back of your bike, and stalk signals will stop you from doing this.

I recently did a bar plant to swap the bike and slide me off at ground level during a 35mph lowside getoff that started as a 65mph oops. All went according to plan. There was nothing on the bike to stop/snag me. Myself, my gear and my bike (blinkers included) continued the journey. I had grass stains on my shirt.

For putting or commuting only, run flashing billboards if you like, but if you are going to jump, wheelie, hooligan or race, you might think of the massive arteries in your legs and at least streamline the rear of your bike.


If you ride the street, don't go for looks, go for visability. It really doesn't matter how purty your bike is when your dead.

AMEN! :banghead:

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