bike rips! TT does it again!

Thx mickeydee, rcmnelly, natethegreat, burned and everyone else who made this so silky smooth. :lol:

The bike had a test ride for the first time since re-jetting. It runs awesome! :busted::banghead: lots more kick so far as I can tell, and it sounds way different. So totally stoked about getting my hands dirty and tinkering with my brand new bike. Couldn't have done it without TT. Which by the way was a deciding factor in purchasing such an item.


Stock exhaust, 3x3, twin air, 155main, 22.5 pilot, who the hell knows where that fuel screw is right now...

It runs better than ever but i know i'll want it just perfect so i'll keep buggin all of you still :lol:

:banghead: now just wait till you put the pipe on.

Wow a 155 mj, is that what you guys run at the coast ? I'm at 4500feet and had to go down to a 135 mj and it's really running good now, may even go smaller. DO you run the Dynojet kit ?

I think 155 is what you use at sea level for the BSR if you are not using

the Dynojet Needle...With the Dynojet I ran 142 22.5... Then I moved

on up to the FCR later...

And I think its because he has an SM. . .

yah FMF SM kit. says to use a 150mj but some of the guys found a 155mj more to their liking so i gave it a try first. Runs great!

BUBO or anyone. i need the notes from your exercise! gotta do.

which jet kit/kits do I need to get?

we'll your jet kit is going to be different than mine because of the model. Look in the TT store under jd jet kit. Also chck these out if you haven't


there is also this When i get home i'll also p.m. you the word file thats going around for installation instructions. With that and the instructions on the jet kit and the fourms you'll be set. You might want to also pick up a new air filter right away. I suggest twin air.

I have an SM and bought a dynojet kit, but then heard about the new FMF SM-specific dyanojet kit and bought that too, so I suppose I will use that one instead for my SM..

Anyway, if anybody wants to buy this ready-to-go (unopened) package for the standard "S" model --

includes all the hot set-up for sea-level bikes:

Dynojet kit,

extended fuel screw

140 main jet

25 pilot jet

Cost me (here at TT store) $75 plus shipping --

I offer it to somebody here for $40 includes shipping.

PM or email if interested.

EDIT update : SOLD to a fellow TT'er!

BUBO or anyone. i need the notes from your exercise! gotta do.

which jet kit/kits do I need to get?

Your bike has an FCR carb. Totally different.

If you are gonna get a jet kit get a JD jet kit for its needles.

Old - PM sent. :banghead:


I'm glad it worked out for you! You'll find the bike runs great if you short shift it a bit. Running it up to the rev limiter really won't give greater results. It runs out of steam, probably due to the cams, carb, and exhaust restrictions.

But shift a little early, and the midrange will pull very well!

yah i've definatley noticed that and was wondering if it was the jetting settings but its good to know that its not so i won't be as likely to pull it and play around just yet...

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