think i can fit a 250 dirtbike in here?

Easily. Me and my mom fit my 230 in the back of her Chevy Venture.

i meant with the quad

I know, you just have to place it perfectly and it'll fit.

ya i'll try to work something out. i have an 8 hour drive to where were riding and i will probably need to take a trailer since i bearly have room for it with just the quad.

p.s. this quad was stolen out of my back yard a month ago and the one i'm getting next is bigger

If for some reason you can't fit it in you can put the quad like this \ with the front wheels on the roof and put the bike sideways.

Using a hitch mount carrier for the bike.

I put my 2005 YFZ450 quad in the back of my brothers Tahoe, because my truck was in the shop. Fits like a glove. :banghead:

haha. I don't think it would fit but it might if your creative.

Does anybody here remember the guy that showed up at an enduro with an XR600 in the truck of an LTD? He had it stripped down to the frame to get it in. He put the thing together, he either won the event or placed very high (I can't remember all the details) then took it all apart to load it back up and dissapeared.

Definitely not going to fit. I used to have a Toyota, and i never could figure out a way for a quad and a dirt bike to fit. I did see a picture of that guy with the XR in his trunk.

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