2006 TE 510 Price in CA?

Hey guys, Ok I am beat into submission and jealosy with the proof provided by Windy-Andy. There are three Husky Dealers that I know of in SoCal and I dont really want to do a bunch of bargaining and price shopping between dealers. I prefer to buy from the closest to me if its only a few hundred difference. And actually they wouldnt give me a price yet until they are in the showroom!

Any Ideas what a fair price is before tax and lic or Out The Door for the this bike. After seeing those pics, I applied online at my credit union. This is a compulsive buy, but I have been waiting for this for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!! And so have many others and my dealer is getting twelve 450's and only three 510's. So am a buying without reading every magazine review on the planet and riding one in person. :banghead:



see my price comments in windy andys thread. yes you are right to not quibble over a couple hundred, BUT if you should pick a dealer and offer to commit to a bike and a OTD price with a down payment say of $500. With that offer of giving them a check to order and reserve a bike for you, if he still gives you that line we won't know the price till we get them - RUN. F' that dealer who won't aggree to a price even though you got serious with a down payment. Most Huskys get bought sight unseen with a down payment and the deal made before the bike arrives..THIS time of year. YES by next summer if some bikes are laying around maybe then you can work a deal.

when you work the deal sight unseen make sure in writing the dealer agrees to set up the bike fully, all lights blinkers, etc. These bikes come in a box and the dealer needs to set them up, wire and install the lights, dont let him get away with giving you the parts in a bag. make sure he gives you the competition mode adjustment instructions and jetting needle kit too that i hear they give you.

Retail price list has been availible to the dealers for at least a few weeks. Freight cost could be a question with spike in fuel prices, so maybe dealers don't want to commit yet. My dealer is ready to give me his best deal on any model(and he hasn't had any new TE delivered other than 610), so I'd be a little wary. Maybe they think demand is going to be so high that people wil start paying over retail to get one. New '06 street legal enduros come with wiring, lights and speedo installed(turn signals have to be installed) as opposed to '05 and before when US models came in XC mode with wiring, lights and speedo in a box with some dealers installing it for free and some not. I can't imagine California dealers breaking out big deals on these bikes until '07 bikes are on the way. The best bet on buying a Husky is to get one from a shop where the owner, salesman, parts guy and mechanic all ride Huskys.


Not sure where you are in SoCal but GP in downtown San Diego and the Ducati/Husky dealer in Oceanside are essentially "partner" shops and gave me the same pricing when I bought my 2004. The best quote I got was from Motoexotica (sp?)...Bob's favorite shop in NorCal. It was $400 less than the loacl dealers but I like to buy where I want to get it serviced if possible....

A guy I work with just picked up a 2005 TE510 dressed in red & white for $6500 OTD at GP.

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