Any Stunting?

Is anyone doing any stunting with thee 50's? What are the mod's you do for this? The stunt part of the sport is new to me. Any info would be great!!

I will be posting a backflip soon. It was done this past weekend but the vid and pics are not great - Doing it again this weekend and hopefully get a lot better vid and pics.

It was really cool to watch! :banghead:

i think he means stunting as in wheelies, stoppies etc. I do it a bit, and u dont need many mods for it, i just have bars and stiff springs

I talking about guys building CRF. XR 50 specific for stunting, with 12 bars, etc...etc...

my friends do, there website is down currently. but they ride hard. this is not advertising its just for fun. they do it all

never mind its not under construction. videos 2,3,4,5,11 and for dirt the prosource vid. VERY BIG VIDEOS but very well done!

I do some stunt stuff and I run:

knock off forks and disk brake(stiffer oil and washers to stiffen them up a lil)


aluminum swingarm

tall seat

88 kit with race head

need street tires because when i try stoppies on mine it just locks the front. Those are disk brakes though not drum.

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