Tires again

Well, i'm looking at a new set of shoes already. The Maxxis have seen almost no dirt but plenty of road and I'm thinking opposite end of the spectrum now. 2 choices stick out for me, one is the dunlop d607's and the other is a sport touring tire, the bridgestone bt-45. I figure the bridgestone would probably last 20,000 miles on a bike as light as ours, but my hopes are for very good cornering. What do you guys think?



Anakees if you want cornering performance and excellent wet weather grip, BT45s if you want to do alot of straight roads, with good cornering too. I've lowsided on the bt45s in a couple months of using them with light cornering, but in 6000+kms/ 3 months of anakees riding hard at redline with sportbikes, Never had a slip, Even got some good lean on wet roads, these are the ultimate wet weather tyre. They are so soft and got huge tread blocks, you wont run out of grip anytime soon.

The anakee doesnt have dual compound like the bt45 does, so the middle will wear quickly if your heavy on the throttle, they are also alot more expensive. But worth it for peace of mind.

You said in a previous post that you low sided on the Pirelli S/T90's as well. Is this a common occurence?

I've lowsided twice in the 2 years i been riding, I skip that tyre until i find one that won't lowside me.

Pirelli ST90s are terrible, hard compound, won't warm up.

I'm staying with the michelins, so soft and sticky, love it :banghead:

Might look into the Metzeler Tourances. I do love mine. Only really interesting note is that my speedo is much different with these. Used to be very optomistic, now pretty close to spot on. Same size front but I guess the rounder profile really makes a difference.

woot for hte battleax

I have a 150 on the rear, and hte only 21 on the front. GREAT tires. be careful though, they are REALLLLLY slippery when cold

I've lowsided twice in the 2 years i been riding, I skip that tyre until i find one that won't lowside me.

Pirelli ST90s are terrible, hard compound, won't warm up.

I'm staying with the michelins, so soft and sticky, love it :banghead:

Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't know what to think when you said this tire you did the same thing.

TSISPYDER, a 150 is huge. Do you have any pics from the rear? I'd like to see how the profile is while it's on the rear wheel. Can you get it leaned over all the way? I'm thinking of going with the 130/90-17 for the rear since it has the taller profile to give a higher final drive and it's still one size larger width wise than stock.

Anyone know the stock rear rim width? Heck, i may try the 140 if i'm feelin a little on the wild side.

thanks for the input guys.

i can get you one, give me 5 minutes. ive dragged a peg on a turn (not on purpose) i was so low turning.

Thanks for the pic. I think i may try the 140, don't know, it's kind of scary to have the tire wrap around too much which puts excess pressure on the center and cups tires bad. I think i'll try the 130/90.

Found another tire candidate, since i'm a little bit of a fan of Maxxis after trying their 6006(I'll probably get 3,000 out of the rear), it gives pretty good traction on the street for how little rubber actually hits the road so i was checking their street tires and came up with this, promaxx_rear.jpg



and rear

Chaparral has these, front and rear shipped in the lower 48 for $99 :banghead:.

looks like the Maxxis front is a tenth of an inch taller than the trailwings so the speedo should read ok. I think i"m going to give these a whirl, they should last longer than the last set.

Neither if these are your average whimpy looking tires.. :banghead:

I found this post on the other site:

"I'm thinking about a set of these after my Deathwings wear out!

I've seen them get good reviews on other boards...

Or maybe the 966 "

I took a look at them, they look pretty good. (either of the two)

The post reads very well, the tires seem to work well on the road

as well as the dirt. (tires from the second link)

He never did buy the ones in the frist link, but that might be what you need

Brian.... but then they could have a bit of a "flat" profile - not good for corners...

Go here to read all about it:

I'm wanting long lasting, excellent road handling tires. I've got my mind made with the Maxxis, just hope they aren't as heavy as the 6006's i have on now, they literally slowed the bike down from their additional heft. Those kings are dirt cheap, but so are the Maxxis.

Yeah, in retrospect, after taking a closer look at the tire in the second link

It looks like you can see the location of the knobs from the inside of the

Tire. I wonder if this is a sign of a thin wall / shell ?

Well the guy who did the write-up didn’t have any flats, but maybe he’s

Just lucky :banghead:

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