Weight Question

I was comparing the new 2006 TC450 to my 2004 model and trying to figure out the weight differences. If you look at the spec sheets for the 2004 and 2005 TC450, they all quote a kerb weight (I assume this means oil, water fluids etc - but NO fuel) of 109.7kg (241.8lbs), remembering that these are all electric start models.

When you look at the new 2006 spec sheet, it shows the TC450 being 100.8kg (222.2lbs). The obvious big change is dropping the electric start whereby they quote in the text a weight saving of "nearly nine pounds", ie 4kg = 9lbs. Now when you do the math, 109.7kg (241.8lbs) less 4kg (9lbs) used to equal 105.7kg (232.8lbs) when I went to skool and got my edumakation.

Now how to they get to 100.8kg (222.2lbs)? Looking at the spec sheets, apart from valves, carb, ohlins shock, 50mm zocks, new tank (same capacity by the way) and new plastics, which I reckon would not result in any significant weight differential between the 2004 and the 2006 models. How do they drop the extra 5kg (11lbs) to get down to 100.8kg (222.2lbs)?

On top of that, how do you account for another 5kg (11lbs) diff between the TC450 and the TC250? I know the 250 has mag engine cases where the 450 has alum, but apart from that they are the same bike. There can't be 5kg (11lbs) in the smaller barrel, piston and crank - surely?

Any clues?

I'd be willing to bet that the difference is found between design weight and manufactured weight. Design weight is what the thing should weigh from the sum of all the parts on paper. Manufactured weight is the sum of what all the parts really weigh when built.

The 250 may not require the gearbox to be as strong etc. If this is the case it would all help reduce the weight..............maybe :banghead:

Weird Science? - either way, if their claims of 100.8kg for the TC450 and 95.3kg for the TC250 are correct, then the new husky is really in the ballpark weight-wise, which might be enough reason to tip me toward upgrading the 04 to an 06.

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