Installing these washers in clutch

Couple of months ago I put my clutch back together again after replacing the shift spring but I left the two big "washers" out of the clutch, I know they must go at the back behind the clutch plates but I'm not sure about the way they must go in as they are curved to one side. They are number 13 and 14 here

Thanks for the help. My clutch slipped today so before looking at new clutch plates I'm going to put these washers back and see what happens.

The two spring washers are different

One sits flat against the back of the clutch

The second one sits with the inside face touching the first washer

So that you end up with the washers siting in a vee

With the pointy bit facing inwards

The 2 washers supposedly help with clean release. They do nothing to induce or prevent slip. They are often removed. Aftermarket clutch kits do not use the washers. Forget the washers.

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