Will this stator work?

quick question this guy is selling ''Magneto Points Plate for XR80 & XR100 models''

He says it fits all xr80s and xr100.

It was pulled off a XR100 a 86 i belive.

Will it fit to a either of these engines?

a 1979,1981,1983??

if so let me know. Thanks agan. By the time i am done i'll everything there is to know about my XR

I dont think itwill my stator plate is diffrent shape.

A XR100 stator will NOT bolt onto a XR80 and and a XR80 Stator will not bolt onto a XR100. But pretty much any year XR100 stator will work on any year XR100 and same goes for the XR80.

You might want to try to find a CDI ignition they are way more reliable.

'92 was the first year for electronic ignition. Worlds better than a points set up.

Make sure to get a stepped flywheel key if you run a conversion...

I cant find any of that stuff to run a CDI

From time to time there is a CDI ignition on ebay but there is a pretty good demand for it so the price is usually pretty high.

Expect to pay between $175-$250 for a CDI ignition.

Does the CDI match the spark advance curve to the revs as good as the centrifugal advance plate does on the points system ? Getting rid of the points is great as long as there is no power loss from lack of auto timing advance ! Does anyone know for certain ?

xrevolution it will match much better and be more reliable

Something is wrong with the URL . It comes up as invalid and unable to be loaded !

OK ! Got it , I stuffed up on the copy ! Great site mate !

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