breaking in / running in

whats the general opinion of the best way to give a new bike its best start in life..????

Read this, and be enlightened...

Break In Secrets

While opinions vary, I prefer a semi-cautious approach. My thinking is that you are breaking in more than the rings. A brand new engine has many parts that have to get to know each other.

Put 100 easy miles on it varying throttle position and gear selection. Change the oil and filter.

Put 100 miles on it riding moderately hard with brief forays into WFO. Change the oil and filter.

Ride the piss out of it for the next 100 miles. Change the oil, filter, and clean the oil screen. Do a complete check of valve lash and all fasteners.

Ride it like you stole it, but maintain a rigorous maintenance program.


Modern high-tolerance engines do not require any break-in of machined parts and bearings. But making sure ring back-pressure is high enough to allow minimal blowby during break-in is essential.


This still doesn't mean you need to totally thrash your new bike to break it in properly. Just DON'T drive it gently, and especially during the first 20 miles. Drive it aggressively, and vary your throttle position. Keep the motor loaded and the revs up, and vary engine speed.

The worst thing you can do is take it easy for those first 20 miles.

burned swears buy the hard breaking method. I trust him over my Suzuki saleperson and i wish i knew that before i did mine.

the hard breakin method..

is that the "Break In Secrets" mentioned above?

It is really not a secret nor is it the product of that article. It is just that he wrote down what every race engine (auto in my case) builder recommended that I know of. I've been doing it for years, long before the internet even came to be. Burned will tell you the same thing.

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