need more power, buying new silencer?????

ok, i have a 97 kx80, this thing flies but i want more power from the start, it seems as if the powerband on it is mid to top range, and i want more at the bottom. so i was wondering if buying a new silencer would make more bottom range rpms. if so, what kind of silencer should i get??


A silencer isn't going to do much, if anything, on giving you a noticeable difference. A new pipe may help, but I don't know if anyone makes a bottom end pipe for an 80. FMF's Gnarly is their bottom end pipe for off-road use, but I'm pretty sure they only make them for the big bikes and not 80s.

I'm pretty much a beginner, and read a article just yesterday that was tips about riding, which was in motocross action. Anyway their last tip i'll paste here and maybe that may help you some with out spending alot upfront. Hope it may help....if not good luck.


Before you spend your hard-earned cash on pipes, port jobs, race gas and

hot ignitions, buy a sprocket. Gearing is the most effective hop-up

trick known to man. Get your gearing low enough to pull a strong second

gear start, tall enough to avoid being tapped out before the end of the

longest straight and balanced enough that you are in third gear most of

the time.

Most stock gearing is too tall (by at least one tooth and sometimes

two). Try to make most of your gearing changes with the rear sprocket.

Here are some gearing tips: (1) You gear a bike "down" by adding teeth

to the rear sprocket (or reducing them on the countershaft sprocket).

(2) You gear "up" by reducing the number of teeth on the rear sprocket

or adding them to the countershaft sprocket (as a rule of thumb, one

tooth on the countershaft is equal to 3.5 teeth on the rear).

thanx everyone, i have already geared my bike, but the thing is my powerband is mid to top, so the gearing hadnt made my bike have a higher rpm in the low range........i was thinking of buying a pipe too. i was looking at the factory fatty and it said that it increases the powerband through out the range. <would that mean it would be about the same through out the whole throttle, but if not, is there anything else i can do to my bike to make it have better low end power?

Low end power is a relative term for an 80cc two stroke but here goes in no particular order of home tuner tricks. Two stage reeds such as Boyesen, reed spacer, aftermarket KIPS spacer (if bike has KIPS), stronger return spring on KIPS, higher compression through either milling head or thinner head gasket. gnarly pipe. And last but definately not least fresh piston and rings set to minimum tolerances.

I'm not sure if this will help, but you might want to try a torque-ring. Fredette sells them for the kdx. They are just a ring that goes between the head and expansion chamber which enhances low-end power. It should be fairly simple (and cheap) to have one machined to fit your 80.

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