Steering too light & twitchy! DRZ400EK1

is it just mine, or is it 'normal' for the DRZ400 to have light steering? mine is not what I would call fun or comfy at speeds above about 50 or so.... very prone to wobble, slap, etc so i have to really work at just tracking a line. the XR, by contrast, feels like a rock at that speed.

I have not ridden this particular bike a lot yet, as I'm waiting on the manual cam chain tensioner from TT store..... and radiator guards and case covers!

what gives?


Are you sure your steering stem bearings are ok ? I've had my bike up to 150 km/h without any steering problems. Maybe the wheels needs to be balanced ?

yep, had the bearings checked out. the wheel doesn't seem to do the up-down thing characteristic of bad balancing... i don't know it may have a little sideways wobble from a bend or something? its non-obvious. at speed, even a little pressure on the bars, like from just shifting your weight in the saddle, will set off a gentle slap that is unnerving


Suspension setup goes a long ways. Getting the sag right so the ride height is better will effect the "wobble" quite a bit. I am a big fan of a new top clamp that moves the bars forward and taller bars also. You can make the DRZ stable. Just takes getting the bike setup. I MX my KLX400R all the time. It falls into turns easy.

Agreed about the suspension set-up...

If the rear suspension's 'race sag' is not correctly set, the geometry of the whole bike will be off, and can drastically effect steering feel and handling.

Too much rear suspension sag will cause the bike to be raked back like a chopper, and in turn handle a little bit like one.


Check the tire pressure too, to much would make it squirrelly as well. :banghead: That front fender also turns into a sail above 40-50 too.

i've noticed this as well on my 2003 model and i also noticed it previously on my 2000 model . not sure if its a rake/trail thing but i've owned cr's and kx's in between the drz's and the steering was definately more stable on those 2 smokers . it seems like mine offers almost zero resistance and lack of feel in the steering stem which makes the front end feel like its going to wash out , other than spending $$ on a steering damper maybe the steering beerings be tightened to offer slight resistance ?

Front tire pressure makes a HUGE difference in stability. On my SM, I only run 24psi. Same tire on my sportbike gets 33psi.

Scott's steering damper. Worth it's weight in gold...........and almost costs that much :banghead:

never felt it... in fact, mine is scary stable at all speeds and rails like an rm. might put her up on the stand and grab the front wheel, lift to feel if there's slack.

if so, take a punch to the stem nut and snug her up.

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